We do not allow ourselves to be influenced by the clients, meaning not all they say is necessary true, because the truth may be altered;

We collect data and information, conclusions are drawn by others. At the end of the contract we do not guarantee that, on the case completion the result is the one that the client prefigured;

We do not allow client intervention along the investigation. Investigation results are communicated to the client at the end;

Data protection and client confidentiality come first for us;

We prize time and are prepared to face unexpected information;

We collect evidence without bias;

We are prepared to assume any case that may occur;

Honor comes before money for us;

We plan differenced and realistic estimations, depending on the provative;

We provide personalized services on areas and sub-areas;

We have sense of humor and are polite to our customers;

Facts presented to our customers are identified and verified;

We give ourselves time to collect irrefutable proof and avoid the altering of the truth;

In our detective activities we stand on: persuasion, tact, diplomacy and stratagems;

We are both law experts and its defenders;

Suna acum!